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Solving Problems

Problems experienced by firms range from simple, complicated and complex.  The simple and complicated types are ones that firms' are usually geared up to tackle effectively by themselves.  But it is rare to have the capacity to fix complex ones in-house.  This is where Approach Limited comes in by more cost-effectively employing us than assigning already busy people to resolve these problems.


Here are some features that may help you identify complex problems and call for help quickly:  Complex problems:


  • Can take excessive amounts of work to evaluate solutions because they have no clear definition

  • Have not been seen before

  • Have solutions that are more about better or worse than right or wrong

  • Are multi-casual, interrelated and connected to other problems

  • Involve multiple stakeholders with conflicting agendas

  • Affect your entire organisation.

Please feel free to call us for a chat about how to solve your problems.

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